About Us

R2D is headquartered in South Korea, located in the outskirts of the Seoul metropolitan area.
However, our presence and support are expanding globally, with a focus on countries such as the EU and India.

As a technology-oriented company, our main emphasis is on solution research and development.
Our team consists of highly experienced and passionate engineers and researchers from diverse backgrounds.

One of our key strengths lies in our deep understanding of the automotive industry's requirements and procedures, which positions us strongly in the market.
We recognize the vast opportunities presented by software-based solutions in the automotive industry, and we are at the forefront of this transformation.

We believe that even the greatest achievements begin with small beginnings, and R2D is poised to have a significant impact on the automotive industry.

5 Things about

  • SDR Solution

    A revolutionary solution that replaces traditional radio chipsets with software, ensuring superior performance and cost savings

  • Unified Global Radio

    Achieved standardization in development, maintenance, and distribution by supporting various regional standards worldwide with SDR solution

  • Global Partnership

    As a unique presence in the global automotive component ecosystem, we secure support, sales, and promotion networks for the next generation Software Defined Vehicle (SDV)

  • Mass Production Verified

    The performance and reliability, confirmed by accumulated orders of 10 million units, have been validated through mass production for European and Japanese automotive manufacturers

  • Continuously Evolving

    We are continuously expanding true future oriented solutions through ongoing development and solution integration


  • 2019

    • RF2Digital Inc. is founded
    • Corporation R&D Center open
    • R&D MoU & ELA with Daimler for 5 years
    • Grand prize award at K-StartUp Pitch
    • Partnership MoU with STMicroelectronics
    • 1Billion Won Investment from Eltium
    • Partnership with Xperi for HDRadio
    • Joined DRM Consortium
  • 2020

    • Listed on National Venture Company
    • Selected as “First Penguin Company“ by KODIT
    • Awarded as Excellence Company in Patent reward
    • Selected as Samsung Electronics Eco Partner
    • Joined CDR Workgroup
    • Joined RadioDNS group
    • Joined WorldDAB group
  • 2021

    • Listed as a SDR supplier at ‘L’ Tier1
    • Awarded a MP project for EU OEM
    • Listed for ARM Automotive Eco Partner
  • 2022

    • Awarded additional MP project from ‘L’ Tier1 for Japan OEM
    • Listed as a SDR supplier at ‘V’, ‘H’, ‘D’, and ‘F’ Tier1s
  • 2023

    • Awarded additional MP project from ‘L’ Tier1 for EU, Japan OEM
    • Design-Win from ‘F’ Tier1 for Japan OEM
    • Strategic Partnership with Skyworks
    • Strategic Partnership with DTS for AutoStage

Global Locations


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